What if you never went over budget again?

Squirrel is a Barclays-held account that splits your salary up into your bills, savings, and a weekly allowance to spend on whatever you like.

No more overspending. No more overdraft. No more worries.

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Grab life by the budget

No more worrying about whether there’s enough left to pay the bills at the end of every month.

Stay on top of your finances

With a weekly allowance and bills sorted, no longer will you be tempted to dip into your savings. 

Save your savings

Everything’s done automatically with Squirrel so you can get on with stuff you want to do – like spending money you can afford to spend!

Don’t lift a finger

How does it work?

1. Create an account

Tell us about your monthly expenses like rent, your savings goals like cars, and expensive upcoming events like Christmas or birthdays.


2. Move your salary

Transfer your income or ask your employer to pay directly into your FCA-regulated Squirrel account. We’ll hold back money for savings and bills, and the rest goes straight back into your regular bank account. 


3. Chill about the bills

Your bill money is kept aside and only paid out to your regular bank account the day before they are due. No more overspending! 


4. Get saving

With overspending a thing of the past, you can sit back and watch your savings grow as your goals become realities.


5. Have fun spending

With a weekly allowance you know you can afford.

Start Squirrelling free for 3 months

Then only £3.99 per month.

If you decide Squirrel isn't for you - no problem. There's no commitment and you can cancel online at any time and receive all your money the next working day.

But why take our word for it?

Here’s what Squirrel users have to say:

Say goodbye to concerns and hello to savings.

Start for free today!

The Squirrel account is issued by Prepaid Financial Services Limited. Prepaid Financial Services Limited is regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 900036.

Registered Office: 36 Carnaby Street London, W1F 7DR.

Squirrel is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, registration number 619488. Squirrel is a trading name of Squirrel Financial Wellbeing Ltd (Company No. 08621129).

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