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Squirrel is fast becoming the UK's preferred way to budget. For a limited time you can purchase shares in Squirrel and share in it's success. But hurry, Squirrel is only live on CrowdCube for 30 days!

Ranked best savings product ahead of Barclays, Natwest & Lloyds by The Fairbanking Founddation.

Squirrel users save 10x more than national average

Investment in Squirrel qualifies for the EIS scheme

Mutaz, Adam, and Emanuel experimenting with better ways for people to save in 2015

Hi there,

It has been 40 months since we launched Squirrel! 

Since then we have come a long way towards giving the UK control over their money. From our chats and calls with customers, and the exciting reviews left I can see Squirrel really has fulfilled my dream of changing lives across the UK. Whether that’s by helping customers have money left at the end of the month for the first time in their lives, or helping someone start their first savings habit, all the way through to those who’ve gone on to use Squirrel to save to buy a home, get married; and even one customer who went from having no money left each month to taking 5 holidays in one year with spare cash they never knew they had!! It really has blown my mind. 

In just 40 months:

  • Over 15,000 customers have used Squirrel to manage their finances,
  • And deposited over £9m,
  • Customers have saved £2m into their savings goals,
  • Squirrel was declared the UK’s number 1 saving platform by the Fair Banking Foundation earlier this year - ahead of high street banks such as Natwest, Santander and Barclays!
  • And many major newspapers highly recommended us, such as The Sun listing Squirrel as it’s app of the week, and The Times listing us as a top app to save for a home.

I’m thrilled to give this opportunity to you via our crowdfunding campaign on CrowdCube. This is your chance to buy a piece of Squirrel and it's future success, and your chance be part of changing the lives of up to 26 million people.

I can't wait to have you standing alongside me as we change Britain's finances forever!

Best wishes,


Mutaz Qubbaj

Co-Founder, CEO

15th November 2017

"Life changing" customer reviews

You will be in good company

Andrew Mullinger, Founder of Funding Circle, UK Tech Unicorn worth over £1bn+

Frank Meehan, Former board member of Spotify now worth £8bn

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